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I accurate way in but I was 187 point 8 pounds so Smart Trim Garcinia next day which was May 14th I weighed in at 180 4.8 pounds so I shed 3 pounds just in one day on Smart Trim Garcinia Paleo diet from my inflate Smart Trim Garcinia d weight in 6 days I lost exactly 10 pounds so first day I was 187 point 8 pounds and Smart Trim Garcinia n by Smart Trim Garcinia sixth day I was one Smart Trim Garcinia  hundred and seventy seven point eight pounds so when I weighed in at 170 seven point eight I was feeling very lean my lowest weight prior to that my loss adult weight ever recorded throughout my weight loss journey is 100 or was 170 6.4 pounds so I was very very excited to be super close to that weigh-in or super close to that weight so my

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