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 isn't for everyone but I would argue that if you are unable to do ultimate weight loss program because my help or support please consider joining meals from a weight loss program please consider coming to that's it so I did minutes and n I'm walking money for half an hour he's hot she's doing well short time you guys understand and n I had to wear my wig because I have a deep conditioner in my hair right now so I have a wake on it had to have a hat on because one has a shade for my eyes so I can't wear sunglasses what I have in contact lenses in cuz I can't see for anything without my glasses on so yeah I'm doubly high but right now I'm under to a C and chillin chillin so for breakfast as you guys saw I had eggs on bacon and toast and n in my eggs I had mushrooms onions and kale in case you guys are wondering what was th Hyperfit Slim  t me rage so it was mushrooms Carol and onions and um if I can remember when I eat lunch I will show you guys what that is calm and I'm going to eat again cuz even right now I'm still hungry and I've been like trying to ignore it because I don't want to eat too many calories in one meal but I'm still hungry even after eating that so I'm I probably know eaten lunch soon so like first meal with brunch n is going to be lunch and I'm trying to show you guys what I'm eating during week that's gonna

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