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On the other side of the gender spectrum, women must struggle with their own problems, which nearly all spawn from the feminist movement. In the beginning, feminists used to champion simple equality while recognizing the inherent differences in men and women. Somewhere along the way—Roe v. Wade, the Pill, no-fault divorce, the sexual revolution, etc.—feminists decided to go to war with men and their masculinity. They would fight men in all arenas: work, politics, culture, and even in the home. Women growing up were taught to beat their male counterparts, not join them, so that they could eventually bring about a female utopia that did not need men. Women now outnumber men in college and graduate school, and will come to dominate many fields previously dominated by men. Despite all this success, most of these women will still want to marry and have kids, and not have their lives defined by their careers. This means they must find a man who is their intellectual equal and can provide as much or more than she can. Needless to say, the pool of eligible men shrinks drastically after college—leading a dean at Princeton to tell female students to pair off with eligible males before it was too late. This problem is compounded by delusional self-esteem boosting common in the feminist propaganda. Told that they are amazing, and that “The future is female,” many girls fail to recognize their own personal shortcomings. They may be hideous blockheads or insufferable shrews, but they believe they deserve the ideal man. As the data of so many online dating sites can attest, the majority of women will pursue a small minority of ideal men they feel like they deserve. The problem worsens with the rise of hookup culture. To maintain their inflated self-esteem, many young women will sacrifice their chastity and sleep around for much of their 20s before thinking of settling down in a permanent relationship. In addition to creating this relational death spiral for women, feminism has also robbed girls of mothers. This seems counterintuitive, seeing that nearly all girls have women in their lives, but few of them have actual mothers heeding the call of motherhood. Girls rarely grow up witnessing the feminine virtues responsible for so much of the world’s beauty, culture, refinement, and stability. Instead of seeing their mothers create beautiful homes and master so many arts and crafts, girls see their mothers run themselves ragged at some dull job to the neglect of their homes and themselves. Like men, women have also stopped going to church. Feminism has convinced them that religion is patriarchal and anti-woman while promiscuity and protests are empowering. The un-churched woman therefore never learns about virtues of humility and chastity or the joys of family and marriage. They do know about loneliness though, and no amount of social media or pro-women TV series du jour will change that. 

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