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  It is a common intervention in the Insalud but with a number of risks and complications that the patient must understand and weigh. As it is? First Phase: Treatment in the early stages is based on proper medication and good physiotherapy. You should not take cortisone or similar drugs. optimum garcinia plus In addition, drugs that try to stop osteoarthritis, such as glucosamine optimum garcinia plus ulfate, are slow acting (effect takes weeks or months to manifest) optimum garcinia plus ut well tolerated and allow lower doses of other drugs. Second optimum garcinia plus Phase: When pain can not be controlled or limitation invalidates the patient, surgery is indicated, with several options for physical activity, the state of the bones and the degree of injury: What can the patient? Become a periodic review by your doctor, to see the evolution and adjust medication. Apply local heat (hot shower, electric blanket). Obese people should lose weight, since a kilo is a download lost 4 kilos for the hip. Avoid heavy exercise: jumping, running, lifting weights. Why should minding the young patient of a limitation in their sport. That delay the arthroplasty. In addition, a hip prosthesis every effort involves suppressing overload the implant. Swimming and cycling, because the hip movement is harmonious. Walks is highly recommended, but flat land, without irregularities or slopes. Maintenance gymnastics that includes stretching, muscle toning exercises andOsteoarthritis is the most common degenerative hip disease. The hip joint is formed by a sphere (femoral head) and a socket in the pelvis. A healthy hip moves without difficulty, thanks to a soft and slippery tissue called articular cartilage, which covers, protects and cushions the contact.


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